White Mystery

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Discover, experience, and rock out with this brother-sister duo from Chicago, White Mystery- A kick ass band I met when they performed in LA last year, and have been following the adventures of ever since. Catching my eye the moment they came in the room- their eclectic style, matching red curls, and sound that makes me wanna jump/rock/dance my face off – had me super stoked to hear what a favorite playlists of theirs might sound like. 

Thanks to White Mystery for adding some reminders as well as fresh perspective to my rolodex, and 8 more excuses to turn the volume UP today!

On tour now in the U.S. before heading to Japan – They joined us to share some songs, as well as their insight on each, with this exclusive playlist on O|D. Keeping their tracks on repeat while putting my words to ‘paper’ for this one – I found my foot tapping the whole time – accompanied with visions of jumping around during live sets in the crowd. A super sick variety of era, and a consistently fun vibe throughout, Ms. Alex White named it perfectly, when I asked her for the theme of their playlist, and she simply stated, “Music that Rocks:”

“Nice” by Kleenex/LiLiput: Attention punk rock girls! LiliPut, formerly known as “Kleenex,” is a late 70s punk band from Switzerland, and their monochromatic outfits in this video are to die for. 

“Boy” by Book of Love: This is the kind of song you whisper into a hair brush to the bathroom mirror on a Friday night. It reminds me of a magical 80s mix tape my mom played in her minivan. 

“Dubble Dragon” by White Mystery: Awesome double album called “Dubble Dragon” by brother/sister rock’n’roll redhead duo from Chicago! I’m the guitar player and my brother plays drums.

“Black Moon Spell” by King Tuff: The guitar riff rips! Plus the psychedelic goth video is as cool as the song— an instant classic.

“We’re Taking Over” by The Witnesses: Fell in love with this song so hard that I wore out the vinyl. The singer Oakley is a legend, and his bow tie rocks my world.

“She’s So Cold” by The Rolling Stones: Strut to this tune as the temperatures drop this season! Key rhyme includes, “ice cream cone” and “arctic zone.” 

“Bend Me Shape Me” by The American Breed: Classic garage rock tune from one of my favorite hometown bands from the 1960s.

“You Don’t Satisfy” by Pandoras: When style, rocking, and awesomeness converge— you get the Pandoras. Enjoy the paisley underground!

White Mystery is brother-sister rock’n’roll duo Miss Alex White & Francis Scott Key White from Chicago. The siblings tour worldwide, earn rave reviews from MTV, VICE, Sound Opinions, Pitchfork – and model for Levi’s. In addition to White Mystery, Miss Alex While has also DJed with people like Macauley Culkin and James Iha of The Smashing Pumpkins.(whitemysteryband.com)

Thanks White Mystery! Best of luck on the tour and can’t wait to see what’s next!

 For more info, check them out at:

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10/19/2015 @ High Noon Saloon in Madison, WI

10/21/15 @ The Hideout in Chicago, IL

10/23/15 @ Moon Saloon Party in Walnutport, PA

10/24/15 @ The Acheron in Brooklyn, NY

10/25/15 @ Brighton Bar in Long Branch, NJ

10/26/15 @ Strange Matter in Richmond, VA

10/27/15 @ Tiger Mountain in Asheville, NC

10/28/15 @ Queen Ave. Art Collective in Nashville, TN

10/29/15 @ Drunken Unicorn in Atlanta, GA

10/30/15 @ 116 E. Mobile in Florence, AL

10/31/15 @ One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans, LA



11/20/15 @ Nano in Kyoto

11/21/15 @ Banquet in Hiroshima

11/22/15 @ Café Gigi in Fukuoka

11/23/15 @ Hard Rain in Osaka

11/24/15 @ Club Rock n Roll in Nagoya

11/25/15 @ Zion in Fujisawa

11/26/15 @ Basement Bar in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo

Photo by Diane Alexander White

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