To Oil or Not to Oil

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Facial Oils, Oils in your kitchen, Oils in your skincare, and makeup. For a long time, oil free was a huge craze. Some still believe that having oily skin means your need to go oil free. I am here to dare you to try something different.


I have seriously oily skin, we are talking 2 hours and I need to blot. On top of that, it can be dry and flaky, and when it is dry and flaky it manages to be oilier. It is a constant struggle and I don’t believe there is a cure, but I do think there are some misconceptions about facial oils and I am here to tell you what I have found.

First let’s talk about the benefits.

Free radical protection – Botanical oils, including argan, passion fruit, african marula oils are all potent antioxidants. In the morning, massage a couple drops on clean skin and on top of  your normal skin care. This will help protect your skin from all the harmful stuff you come in contact with during the day. Don’t you hate it when you walk through someone else’s cloud of cigarette smoke? Thanks buddy you just aged my skin a day.


Improved skin tolerance – This is something I have found incredibly helpful. My skin is very sensitive and applying oils help my skin handle the mass amount of products I bombard it with gracefully. Oils prevent irritation from anti-aging ingredients, argan, yangu, and borage-seed oils all prevent inflammation. Smooth one on after your nightly anti-aging regimen. I used to apply it first, just like I did in the morning but applying it after as a moisturizer made a huge difference.

Plumping skin – In your late 30’s wrinkles suddenly look deeper because the skins natural oils decrease, the moisture barrier breaks down, and the skin dries out. Most creams contain a little oil, but most could use a boost. There simply isn’t enough oil to replenish the skins water loss. Because oils are lipophilic, also known as fat loving, they pass through the lipid layer of the skin faster and more effectively. This prevents water loss, and plumps skin with moisture effectively. Olive and coconut oils are great moisturizers.


Better absorption – Applying a facial oil before your skincare is like applying tiny trojan horses, tricking the skin to allow retinol, vitamins, and glycolic acid deeper into the skin and closer to the collagen. This produces fibroblasts, all without irritating the surface of your skin.

IMG_7994If you have dry skin, adding a facial oil to your regimen is a no-brainer. Seriously, stop reading and go get one. When it comes to oil they are all high quality, as long as they are non-fragrant or synthetic you are good to go. I buy mine from whole foods, but I also love Josie Maran’s. Her entire line, including her oil based eye shadow, is lovely, but that is another post.

If you have combination or even oily skin, using an oil can be a bit scarier. I find that when I balance the oils in my skin by applying a facial oil that boosts my skincare, I am significantly less oily.

There is something just wonderful that happens when you give your skin the gift of facial oil. Yes, it can be a trial and error process of finding the right one. Argan oil is a great way to start. I love tea tree oil for my break outs, and to switch things up from time to time I add in Weledas Almond Oil.

For the body I love coconut oil. I used it while I was pregnant and never got a single stretch mark. It also absorbed into my skin more than I anticipated it would, and I felt it helped my perfume stick with me through the day.

Bottom line- why spend tons of money on skincare if it is only going to sit on top of your skin? Why try to fix something once it’s broken when you could prevent it by simply replenishing what your skin is missing? Give your largest organ the gift of facial oil, you wont regret it.

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Stay Beautiful

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