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Written by ouiidistrict

The man of the hour on this beautiful monday is ILL GANDER. His mad photography skills are appreciated by some pretty big names in the industry, but I came in contact with his work while he was a student here at Oregon State. We were able to collaborate on a playlist that is prime for when you are in grind mode.

Being creatives gives us the immense  luxury of loving what we do – so work is not usually work. Negative energy however, can leave us feeling uninspired, so I find it immensely helpful  to create a work space that allows you to feel the necessary vibes. Music is my foolproof way of getting in the zone.

Ill:  “A quick explanation of my selections overall. I’m on SoundCloud pretty much all day everyday hunting for the dopest tracks, going down rabbit holes as often as possible. When I’m editing photos, planning, emailing, traveling and even when I’m driving I have the app open. Good speakers with a sub that bumps is also crucial. In the office I roll with the transparent Harman Kardon joints. In the whip I have some Bose that could probably break the windows. For travel and the gym I’m on the Beats Studio wireless and the Powerbeats 2, both of which I’d highly recommend. So dope and the wireless aspect is very liberating. Feels like the music is just in your head.

Music makes the mood and the mood is everything.”

I recently discovered “great dane” and his track “i took her to bay wit me”. The distorted rap verses drizzled over heavy base make it a great track to rattle the windows with. All his recent work is also amazing, and the portrait he’s using on the album covers is something I have mad respect for.”

“Jungle by LANDYN has become my theme song in the gym and on the way to shoots. I love the crowd commotion/riot sample in the beginning. After that the ears are given a beautiful blend of menacing synths and bass. Other random samples tossed in during the track keep it interesting. All his work is worth listening to.”


“This is plain and simple just a dope Drake re-work by Lege Kale.”

“Syrup by Rich Beatz is my final selection. A great mix of traditional classical piano but with enough snare and bass hits to qualify it for my list. Very moody and emotional but still with enough dopeness to blast in the lab.”

Deep base paired with a trippy melody creates for an unexplainable musical experience. This playlist is right after my own heart.  I have been listening to Loud Lord’s “No Days Off” on repeat lately and it has a very similar sound.


SoundCloud is hands down the best creation that exists on the internet to this day.  Like Ill said, it is too easy to get lost for hours while swimming through track after glorious track. My favorite feature on the website is the “Recommended” playlist – if you are totally vibing with a song, this playlist provides tracks from other artists with a similar sound. Pure genius. My only complaint is that you can’t download most of the songs (especially those by not-so-well-known artists) and so I have no way of getting the music on my iTunes. For a broke college girl like me that doesn’t have unlimited data, it uses a lot of juice to play the app when in the car or out of wifi range.

I am still recovering from my recent trip to Sasquatch! Music Festival but will be doing a post about my experience next week.

See you all then, Sofiya


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