So Many Face Masks, So Little Time

In this day and age, there are hundreds of facial masks to choose from. Different types, different results, different frequencies of use….So how’s a girl to choose?


Well, I can’t review them all in one post, but I can highlight some of my new found favorites and tell you why they may work for you. Today, I am going to cover a few sheet masks, a couple mud masks, and the one used for the cover look — Boscia’s Luminizing Black Mask.

First, let’s talk about the new sheet mask craze. The claim is that they can load a potent punch of ingredients into the cloth and the amount of liquid concentrated as well as the way the sheet perfectly hugs your face makes for higher dermal penetration, leading to a quicker fix and a faster acting mask.

I walked into Sephora recently and was greeted by a wall of colorful discs. These are actually individually sold sheet masks, each of which addresses different skin concerns. You are bound to find one that addresses any issues you may have. I found a few! I decided to try the Honey and Green Tea. The sheet itself fit nicely. I, on separate occasions, relaxed and let the ingredients soak in. I found the honey one left my face soft and my skin tone even. The green tea one also left my face soft, but I felt like to really use it for helping with acne I would need to use one a couple times a week.   

Next, I tried a sheet mask from Boscia. I went with their Charcoal Pore Minimizing Mask. The first thing I noticed is that I couldn’t get the mask to fit my face quit right. The way they cut it made it hard to reach all of the corners of my nose, and area I would like the pore minimizing action to take effect. After fussing with it for a bit I gave up and settled for the area it did cover. Other than the ill fitting issue, I found my skin felt tight and clear after I removed the mask, without feeling at all dry, which is one of the benefits of the sheet masks. They always seem to leave my skin feeling refreshed. 

The last sheet mask I am going to talk about is actually the first one I purchased. I have been buying this mask for a few years. Shiseido Benefiance Pure Retinol Intensive Revitalizing Face Mask. It is a mouthful, but it’s a wonderful mask. It has such a rich infusion of ingredients that help with restoring the skin’s youthful glow, as well as improving texture, suppleness, and radiance. I am always left feeling fabulous after I use this mask, and for all my ladies that can’t shell out the money for frequent spa visits, I’d say this is the next best thing!! 

Moving on to Mud Masks. I am only talking about one, because I have been using it since high school and it promises the same things all mud masks promise and delivers, so why mess with a good thing. Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask is a thick green clay mask that promises to help with acne, black heads, and enlarged pores. This mask is $3.99 and truly works. I know all of us who struggle with acne, breakout for different reasons, mine are mostly hormonal and I think if I cut some dairy out of my diet that would help as well. As cheese is my main food group, this is not an option so I turn to this face mask instead. Whenever I am struggling with a bad break out I use this mask. Sometimes it takes a couple applications, a few days apart, but it always clears up my trouble spots. Be wary of overuse, though, as it will dry out your skin. 

Lastly, our cover mask, worn by the beautiful Arianna Saurez. Boscia Luminizing Black Mask.


This mask need to be applied in a thick layer to the skin, you shouldn’t be able to see your natural skin color peeking through. It’s a mineral rich mask that promises to purify, detoxify, brighten, minimize pores, firm skin, and reduce inflammation. The one complaint I have is how much of the mask has to be used with each application. I haven’t gone through the bottle yet, but my guess is it will last 5 to 6 uses, which in all actuality is a good deal! Once you have a thick layer on, it has to sit for 30 minutes to dry, then comes the fun part. Once it is dry, you start to peel off the mask from the corner. There is something satisfying about removing this mask. Like taking off a pore strip, except this pore strip covers your entire face! I love this mask, it really does leave my skin feeling fabulous, speeds up healing and cleans out pores! I will buy it again, it has a medium price point of $34.00, and is just that good! 


In my next mask feature, I am going to talk about some fabulous DIY recipes, because something just feels right about knowing exactly what is going into the mask that you are applying to your face. Until then, hopefully these store-bought masks can tide you over and get your skin through the makeup heavy holiday season!

Until Next Week,

Stay Beautiful



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