Saving That Summer Glow

Written by ouiidistrict

As we say goodbye to summer and hello to fall it’s a bitter sweet feeling. Fall means pumpkin spice lattes, throwing a beanie on my messy bed head, being able to bump up my wardrobe with a cute scarf and jacket, and wearing a little more dark lipstick. As much as I love these things, I also hate to say goodbye to long warm walks with my son, not having to wear any makeup because the sun does wonders for my skin, and my tan (that is barely there because I am so Irish, but none the less I worked incredibly hard to develop!).

So how do we keep looking golden into fall? First and foremost-hydrate! From the inside out. Drink lots of water, which is always a beauty must. Also be sure to use use an after sun product with your regular moisturizer. I am a big fan of aloe under my moisturizer. It is an extra step that seems like a lot, but it only takes a few extra minutes and keeps my tan lines for an extra month at least.

Don’t forget to exfoliate! As much as it seems like it would remove your tan,  exfoliating instead removes dry dead skin cells and makes your skin prepped for all that moisture we just talked about. This also helps you prep for the spray tan I am going to talk about in a bit.

Get a great bronzer! Feel free to check back on my Bronzed Beauties post to find the right bronzer. The first place my tan fades is my face, so a killer bronzer is a must. I am still head over heels for the Giorgio Armani Maestro Bronzing Liquid. I mix it in with my foundation as well as use it with a stippling brush to contour.

When the color starts to fade, get a killer spray tan! It doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of the booth or getting a tan from a technician. Just get one to extend your tan because inevitably you’ll be in the middle of pulling your sweaters out of boxes, you’ll have your favorite leather bomber on, and the weather man will tell you that it’s going to be 80 again for a couple days. You’re legs will probably need shaved, but at least you’ll have a golden spray tan underneath your premature fall fur!


A few other tips and tricks. Just like on my beautiful model Arianna Suarez, use a fabulous highlighter to accentuate your cheek bones. You could also wear a bright lipstick, and pair it with a white shirt. Yes, I know Labor Day has come and gone, but times have changed so rock your white year-round. Or at least while you still have your tan!

Until Next Week,

Stay Beautiful


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