One of the Boys

Rocking a menswear inspired look requires a lot of self confidence.

I personally find it easier to feel cute and pretty in a dress with my hair done up compared to wearing a menswear look. What I don’t feel when I wear a girly outfit, however, is unique, inspired, or interesting. With menswear looks I feel all of these things. To me, it’s more important to feel unique and intriguing rather than feel like just another basic girl in a dress. Menswear is a style that all women and girls should experiment with to find their own sense of self-confidence and feel comfortable and empowered to try something new.


Wearing: Pants-H&M | Blouse-Zara | Shoes-BCBG | Coat-ONLY 

Menswear inspired fashion does not mean that you have to go buy ill fitting baggy clothes in the mens department. Instead, it has elements of structure and classic menswear shapes. For example, items such as button-up shirts, high waisted trousers, brogues and loafers, and especially tailored jackets, all add a sense of masculinity to an outfit. 

IMG_5183Here, I chose a pair of high waisted camel trousers with structured pleating and a tie-belt waist. These remind me a lot of late thirties and early forties menswear. I paired them with a neutral button up blouse. I really enjoy the two neutrals together. It makes the outfit look much more expensive than it actually is. Over the top of this I tossed on a silky black cargo jacket. I rolled up the sleeves to toughen up the look, but the silky fabric brings in a touch of femininity. Because this look is menswear inspired and not actually menswear, I chose to wear a pair of classic black pumps. However, if you are really committed to your full menswear look, a pair of loafers or oxfords would look amazing !

XOXO- Emily

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