No Snow, No Problem

Written by ouiidistrict

There still may not be any snow here in the Pacific Northwest, but a girl can dream can’t she?! I love everything about winter fashion. I live for cozy layers and breaking out your seasonal hat collection. I draw my inspiration from what furry animal I want to embody that day, or maybe what kind of mountain getaway I envision myself taking.

Winter is fun! There’s so much room to play and get wild with your outfit choices. Here is a very cute and achievable outfit idea for a chilly winter day!

emily by Ali1

Wearing: Hat/gloves/purse – Ruti Horn | Pants – Topshop | Sweater – H&M | Jacket – Forever 21 | Booties – Forever 21 

You’re probably looking at these pictures thinking “WOW that’s such a silly hat, but it’s so cute I need to own it”! That’s exactly how I felt when I saw it and now it’s part of my winter wardrobe, along with the matching gloves of course! It’s great to take advantage of the season and work some faux fur into your outfit and experiment with fun accessories. 

Not everything has to be so bold though! To offset the outrageousness of my accessories, I focussed purely on keeping myself warm when choosing the rest of my look. I chose a classic ski sweater with a half turtle neck and paired it with a brocade motorcycle jacket. The edginess of the jacket keeps me from looking like a complete fluff ball. And because I have so much going on up top with texture and pattern, a clean black silhouette on the bottom works perfectly! Plus, nothing has ever gone wrong with black skinny jeans and booties if you ask me. To top it off I paired this look with a metallic purse, because why not?


emily by Ali2


Warm winter wishes everyone !

XOXO – Emily 

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