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Inspiration, humor, perspective, art. These components come from many different sources, especially in the world of social media – but one very special individual who envelopes all 4 of these characteristics, brings them to light with the fresh, yet timeless platform…of a stick figure. My favorite stick figure for that matter. Discovering @mystickythoughts on Instagram has quickly become one of my favorite finds from this year – an honest, opinion bearing character whose community of fellow sticks share in experiences that remind us of a moment or two (or seven+) that we’ve maybe had, or thought, ourselves. 

MST_Hi-Res.12My Sticky Thoughts is an art project that attempts to show how human experiences and thoughts are independent of our identities. In a day where social media promotes individual exceptionalism, we wanted to create something that people from various backgrounds, sizes, and colors could relate to. Something simple, something maybe a little edgy, a little vulnerable, once in a while offensive, but always honest to the cause. We want to share our unoriginal thoughts in a unique way that causes people to see themselves in someway, even if they don’t know why. 

-My Sticky Thoughts creator, The Everyman


MST_Hi-Res.11Having a connection, such as I do, to this little stick figure, I was elated when The Everyman was available to put together some songs for this week’s playlist, describing them for us as, “10 songs that represent the insanity, the heartbreak, the debauchery, and the global apathy I try to convey through my art. They’re songs I’ve liked for a long time and also sometimes draw to.”



Simian Mobile Disco – Hustler
Our first song is “Hustler,” by Simian Mobile Disco. This song demands head nodding and foot tapping at the very least. Singing the words makes you a full-on accomplice to petty theft. We picked this song because sometimes it feels good to think about being bad, and the beat is the perfect abettor.

Thieves Like Us – Drugs in My Body
When drawing, we like to play tunes that don’t take us away from the work we’re focused on but instead compliment the work we’re doing. The depraved subject matter is somehow muted by the singer’s nonchalance over what’s happening in the song. This beat and the prosaic melody it comes with have inspired some of our most deviant works.

Blakroc – What You Do to Me
This song is off the ‘heartbreak’ playlist. Sometimes when seeking inspiration we turn to playlists that we’ve created around certain moods or situations. This song will keep you company after a breakup, and the organ in it sounds like it’s experienced forlorn love first hand.

Faithless – Mass Destruction
You had me at – “Fear is a weapon of mass destruction”. This song has been in the arsenal for over a decade and it still plays as well now as it did then. Art that tackles global and social issues is some of the best for inciting discussion and bringing attention to the world’s injustices. We chose this song because it inspires us to think globally and call out inequality as we see it, via art.

Mos Def (feat. the Ruler) – Auditorium
We listen to a lot of Mos. We chose this one because it’s a solid example of the catchy yet unconventional beats and smooth raps that are bound to play in our heads throughout the day long after the song has ended. Perfect drawing music, perfect everything music.

You! – Ouhoho (Bumblebeez Remix)
Just because something doesn’t make sense doesn’t mean it can’t be dope and awesome anyway. This song is masterfully absurd and inspires us to create art that does the same. Not everything needs to have a point, and that’s just the point.  

Nightmares On Wax – Be, I Do
Perfect for both driving down the freeway with the windows down, or drawing, editing, and revising. This song is on point for chilling with friends, thinking about good times, and maintaining an anonymous online presence.

Beck – Que’ Onda Guero
This song is fun to chill to and we respect Beck’s attempt at pseudo-mariachi. We chose this song because melding cultures for the sake of art can make for some unique and fun outcomes. Nothing too serious, just jovial cultural cohesion. ¡Mas cerveza!

Chromatics – Kill for Love
Everyone wants something, be it love, money, solitude, carbs… We chose this song because it’s about wanting something you don’t have and the person you are because of it. A lot of the art that comes out of MST deals with this same topic. Sometimes you get what you want, sometimes you don’t… either way, it changes you.

Yeasayer – Tightrope
Regret is a tough one. Who’s to say it doesn’t have a use? If so, what is it? This song answers neither of those questions and instead laments with a perfect instrumental counterpart the pain of wishing you’d done things a different way. We picked this song because we’ve found a use for regret… and it’s to inspire our art.


Thank you Everyman for curating this week’s playlist, and for creating art that at any given moment, makes me pause, reflect, sometime laugh out loud, and always- want to share. 


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