Model By Day, Mermaid By Night

Written by ouiidistrict

“You know that girl who is just so nice and sweet that it is impossible to hate her for how absolutely gorgeous she is?
That’s Hailee Lautenbach.”

 Not only is she a very successful model but she also has a talent for making YouTube videos. Her magical personality is just as intoxicating as this playlist. To get a better look at her adventures, check out her Instagram.


I grew up with a very musical family. My dad would always put me to sleep informing me about great artists from his time, such as Coldplay, U2, etc. He would take me to their concerts, and would always tell me how crappy top 20 music is. My dad also made his own music and used a lot of strings and horns, which explains why I love epic orchestral music. Lastly, I am a HUGE movie nerd, 80s and fantasy/sci-fi makes me happy. I love epic battle scenes, so hearing the theme songs from Inception or Interstellar makes me think of the exact epic scenes that happen in the movie, and I get all fired up for whatever I am about to do. Strange, I know.

Here are some of Hailee’s personal favorites:

Coldplay – Clocks

Disclosure – Help Me Lose My Mind

Zero 7 – In The Waiting Line

Air – Alone In Kyoto

Hans Zimmer – Time

Moulin Rouge – Elephant Love Medley

Rihanna Ft. Kanye – Diamonds Remix

Enigma – Gravity Of Love

Dido – Here with me

James Blake – Retrograde

Chromeo – Sexy Socialite

Keane -We Might As Well Be Strangers

Suzanne Vega and D.N.A – Toms Diner

Led Zeppelin – Hey Hey What Can I do 

Peter Gabriel – In Your Eyes

Peter Gabriel – My Body Is A Cage


Finals week is approaching here at Oregon State University and this playlist is definitely going to help me study. I too love movie soundtracks, especially when I am working or studying. My personal favorite at the moment is the soundtrack from The Grand Budapest Hotel. 

See you back here next week, Sofiya 

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