Let’s Take A Ride

Written by ouiidistrict

Alright everyone, our 8tracks is LIVE. You can find our profile here.

I am going to give those of you who have never heard of or used 8tracks before a quick explanation of how it all goes down.

This site (also comes in a free app for on the go jamming) is similar to Pandora, Spotify, etc. In short, it is a music sharing platform that allows you to discover brand new music with minimal effort. You begin by exploring a few “tags” – this can be anything as specific as an artist to as vague as the mood you are in. The search then provides you with playlists that other users have created following a similar sound to what you are looking for.

By hovering over the image of the playlist, you can see how many times that playlist has been played and how many people have liked it. I like this feature because I can kind of have an idea of whether or not I will enjoy the music before I even listen to the playlist. 

If you end op hating it, you can move on to another playlist created by a totally different person OR if you are totally loving it, go to that user’s profile to see all the playlists that they have made!

I personally prefer 8tracks to its competitors because it is much more customizable and the music is totally fresh. I find all of my new music on this site and encourage you all to give it a try! The app is super user friendly too. Now you can listen have  OUii District with you where ever you go with playlists catered specifically to our readers.

Along with the full “Getting Wavy” playlist I gave you guys a peek at last week, I have also uploaded “Let’s Take A Ride” which is perfect for late night drives or road trips! I put a little bit of something for everyone in this playlist so please let me know if you enjoyed such a wide variety of genres or if you prefer that we keep the playlists genre specific in the future.

Here are my top three favorite tracks off of the new playlist:

The Weeknd – The Hills

Kid Cudi – Red Eye 

Marvin Solveig & GTA – Intoxicated 


Your girl is heading off to Paradiso Music Festival on Thursday so look out for a full review next week!

Much love for you all, Sofiya.

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