Let’s Get Beautiful

Written by ouiidistrict

Music and fashion have no limits, that is what makes this industry so incredible. The same could be said about our featured makeup artist, Jodi Vaughn. Her extraordinary work can be seen across the entire United States and has even been featured in Vogue Italia.

I met Jodi on the set of my video shoot for OUii District (video can be seen here). Her sparkling and bold personality matches perfectly with her love for colorful and daring makeup. What really struck a cord with me was that Jodi wasted no time plugging in her iPod while we were in hair and makeup. She even showed me her favorite songs that she and her band, Little Volcano, wrote.

The following playlist is a compilation of tracks that are Jodi’s go-to when she is getting ready for the day or working with a client.

Call me – Blondie

Dancing on my own – Robyn

Bust a move – Young MC

Blue Jeans- (Kris Menace remix) Lana del Ray

Fight for your right – Beastie Boys

As you can see, her taste in music is as vibrant as she is. “When I’m doing makeup I like to listen to music that is up beat and fun to sing along to.” I have to agree with Jodi, this playlist is hard to resist. I don’t think my roommates will appreciate me blasting this while I get ready for my 8 AM class in the morning, but that is the only way I know how to listen to music!

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