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Those that have been to Sasquatch Music Festival would agree that this is the best four days out of the entire year. The shared love for music and art brings together an eclectic group of people that don’t give a crap about the glamour and networking aspect of other music festivals that are popular nowadays. This was my second Sasquatch and I plan on attending until it is no longer socially acceptable for me to do so.

I compiled a list of  the best and worst performances that I saw that weekend. Please keep in mind that this is totally subjective to my experience and that my opinion does not speak for everyone there!


Day 1

BEST: Action Bronson

The weather on the first day was a little sketchy, to say the least. Our morning started off with scorching heat somewhere in the mid 80’s but around 8 PM (right before Action’s set) thunder clouds began rolling in. This created an absolute breathtaking backdrop for the BIGFOOT stage that Action was about to perform on. 

He is quite the character. From jumping all across the stage, to walking through a crowd of screaming fans – you can just tell that loves his music and fans. His raunchy lyrics paired with a wicked sense of humor make for an unforgettable hip-hop experience.

Action Bronson – Baby Blue 

WORST: GoldLink

I was beyond stoked to see GoldLink tear it up in the dance tent. Disappointed is an understatement. His transitions were the sloppiest I heard all weekend, almost like he had not prepared for his set and was pulling it out of his you-know-what. Each track that he played lasted for maybe 30 seconds and as soon as you were getting into it, he would cut straight to the next song without any warning or smooth fading.

I am obviously still going to continue listening to the music because I appreciate his sound but will be highly skeptical to attend another show of his. 

GoldLink – Wassup

Day 2

BEST: Chromeo

It’s safe to say that Chromeo had the best performance that I saw all weekend.  While most of their fans swoon over Dave 1’s vocals and suave guitar skills, I have a deep love for P-Thugg. Guys, he wore black flared pants that featured red flames at the bottom with a pair of Jordan 11’s. And how could I forget his gold pinky ring that glistened in the sun every time that he put his hand up to the talk box.

The duo knows how to perform for a crowd – their set was on the main SASQUATCH stage that overlooks the famous Columbia River Gorge. My group and I made our way to the pit for their set and were able to get pretty close the stage. I never in my life thought that I would call myself an electro-funk fan but these guys have me sold.

Chromeo – Night By Night

WORST: The War On Drugs

Let me preface this by saying that Day 2 was chock full of amazing sets and there was not one performance that totally biffed it, so I had to pick the worst one out of all good performances. 

My only complaint with The War On Drugs is that there was a solid 15 minutes of their hour on stage that was taken up by a total jam fest (I almost forgot that there was anyone on stage because I didn’t hear any vocals for so long). I felt as though they were not there for us but there just to hang out with each other and mess around with their instruments – which is totally cool just not for a crowd of 100,000 people.

The War On Drugs – Red Eyes

Day 3


In order to maintain crowd control at event such as this, the performances all overlap a little, thus the evening of Day 3 consisted of us running from stage to stage to catch a little bit of everyone we wanted to see. It began with Lana Del Rey, which we had to leave early to see Cashmere Cat. After a few songs there we moved onto James Blake before heading to Robert Plant & The Sensational Space Shifters. Lastly, we caught the last bit of MADEON’s set and then finished at SBTRKT.

All of the above mentioned performers were so dope to see live and such a diverse assortment of different genres. The reason I picked SBTRKT as the best of the day is because of his impeccable stage presence. The dude performs with a freaking mask on his face and you can still feel the smile that he has on his face while he is on stage. His music has a magical versatility to it – you can choose to dance your booty off in the pit or sit on the hill and just sway. I prefer the first option!

A little tip for those that do not know how to say his name, it is pronounced like ‘subtract’.

SBTRKT – Wildfire

WORST: Cashmere Cat

Again, it was hard to pick a worst for this day. Even harder than picking a best! With that said, Cashmere Cat had a huge crowd and yet they proceeded to play very monotonous tracks. He has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and is known for his dreamy and whimsical sound so it was kind of a bummer that I got bored so quickly.

Cashmere Cat – Kiss Kiss

Day 4

BEST: Schoolboy Q

He delivered everything I could have asked for and then some. I am not even going to go into detail because no words could describe the vibe that he infected all of us watching him with. “Watching” is not even the proper word to use because we left his set drenched with sweat, voices gone from screaming his lyrics and trying to catch our breath.

Schoolboy Q – Studio

WORST: Kendrick Lamar

You all don’t even understand how much it pains me to say this. We left Run The Jewels almost an hour early just to get a spot in the pit of the main stage where Kendrick was performing. The beginning of his performance held a lot of promise, playing a combination of popular crowd favorites and tracks that only the original fans would recognize.

After the first time he played  M.A.A.D. City is when it all went down hill. I kid you not, he played it close to seven times. Twice by himself, another two times he had us sing the chorus and then he proceeded to bring a fan on stage to perform the song with him. That was awesome but then he brought ANOTHER fan on stage to sing it…  again. And then one more time all of us together! It was absolutely ridiculous.

M.A.A.D City being played so many times combined with his constant motivational speeches to the crowd took up about 30 minutes of his set which was only an hour and a half long. If that wasn’t torture enough, he ended twenty minutes earlier than scheduled and did not play any of the music off of his new album. 

Oh, and one more thing. Almost all of Black Hippy was there performing that day; Ab-Soul, Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar. Only person missing was Jay Rock and we were sure that we would get a TDE collaboration on stage but nope, he didn’t bring any of them out.

Kendrick Lamar – Money Trees

It was impossible to list all of the sets that I loved so here are a few honorable mentions that you have to peep:

Bishop Nehru, AlunaGeorge,  KAYTRANADA, Glass Animals,  Modest Mouse, ODESZA, St. Vincent, Rustie, Ab-Soul, Tame Impala, Slow Magic, The Glitch Mob       

I get so hyped about Sasquatch because I always leave with so many new artists and bands to look up. There is no better way to immerse yourself in the music culture than to spend the weekend living in it. 

All of the pics featured on this post were taken by my roommate Kendall Birch!

Much love for you all, Sofiya 

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