Girl Time With Emily

Written by ouiidistrict

Emily Mills happens to be a team member here at OUii District. She is our resident Style Writer and I asked her to create a playlist of songs that she has been loving to listen to while working on a project or online shopping (because yes, that is a legitimate art form) as well as songs that inspire her style and attitude. 

Earned it – The Weeknd

Make you better – The Decemberists

Snow- The Red Hot Chili Peppers

The Seed- The Roots

Sugar town- Nancy Sinatra

Bette Davis Eyes- Kim carnes


No one will understand how excited I was to see The Red Hot Chili Peppers on here. I used to have a two hour playlist on my iTunes that was devoted to them and would binge listen to it every finals week in college.

I asked Emily why she chose these songs in particular and her answer was nothing short of perfect.

 I love listening to music that makes me happy, relaxed, and that takes me to another place. I would say I am like most other girls, I like to listen to songs that speak to me and make me feel good about myself. Whether its the WEEKND telling me I’m beautiful and that I’ve earned it, or  Kim Carnes making me want to be the ultimate power woman with her take on Bette Davis Eyes, I want to be swept off my feet by lyrical geniuses when I listen to music.”

Emily is not the only one who looks to 80s pop rock for fashion inspiration. I too have a soft spot for girl power anthems – my personal favorite and long time style icon is Stevie Nicks. 

Check out Emily’s Instagram here to follow her ultra-chic adventures.

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