Four Winter Must Haves

Ahh yes winter, the time when getting dressed seems to be a daily struggle between choosing to wear your parka or your puffy coat. Personally, I like to have a lot of options to choose from when getting dressed in the winter so I tend to stock up on my favorite four key pieces for winter: flannels, coats, jeans, and boots. IMG_9465

Wearing: Coat-Forever 21 | Jeans-H&M | Flannel-Abercrombie | Belt-Forever 21 | Shoes-Kenneth Cole 

IMG_9570 1. The Perfect Flannel: If you’re a loyal reader you probably know by now that I’m from the Pacific Northwest, and YES it is true, we do love our flannels here! But, honesty, they are the best! This is my favorite one that I own from Abercrombie (who by the way have definitely been picking up their style game). I love this one especially during the holidays because it adds some subtle Christmas pizazz . Its easy to throw on anytime and is the ultimate effortlessly cool item. 

2. A Warm Snuggly Coat: You most likely own a bunch of these for winter, unless you’re from California then you probably don’t. But I know I do and here’s why: it makes me sad to wear the same coat everyday because I feel like serial outfit repeater ! Many stores have awesome sales on coats during the beginning of summer and right about now.  This coat I’m wearing is from Forever 21. It is faux suede with a warm sherpa inside and it keeps me nice and toasty!


3. Everyday Jeans: These babies are my new favorites. I bought them from H&M recently for quite a bargain! I love the distressed jean look, however, all those holes don’t keep your legs warm in the winter. Luckily, these ones are patched behind the rips so that way you still get the look without freezing your legs off!


4. Winter Proof Boots: I may be from the Northwest, but I have a hard time with the thought of wearing rain boots! I can’t do it, I just can’t. So, I prefer to wear held waterproof boots and booties instead. The high heel keeps your feet and ankles nice and dry when stomping through puddles. These ones are brown leather with a pointed toe from Kenneth Cole. They’re super easy to dress up or down. 


Have a great week ! 

XOXO- Emily 

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