Double Denim

Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake made this look famous at the 2001 AMAs and Canada coined its own term for the getup: the Canadian Tuxedo. However, aside from its fashion prestige, I simply like to call it double denim.


Wearing: Jacket- Vintage Levis | Jeans- Guess | Blouse- Vintage | Booties- H&M | Hat- Forever 21


In all reality, denim on denim has a bad rap! Maybe it’s a little bit farmer, or a little bit white trash, but I think it’s amazing and it has definitely made its way into high fashion! Here’s one way I style double denim for fall.

For this look, I was really inspired by summer music festival fashion trends, but I wanted to find a way to translate them into a cozier look for fall. First, I chose two denim pieces that complemented each other nicely. When choosing blue denim, a there are a few good tricks to making it work!

1: Use one piece that is not distressed and another one that is. Here, I chose a pair of over-distressed skinny jeans and paired them with a less worn Levi’s Denim jacket with just a few bleach stains.

2: Pair contrasting washes together so that you don’t look like you’re actually wearing a denim suit. Choosing a lighter wash to go with a darker wash splits up the denim so it looks more edgy and styled. Here, I chose to go with a darker jacket and a light wash pair of jeans, but the opposite of this would work too!

3: Choose a fitted piece and an oversized one. When wearing double denim it’s important to think about proportions. If you have a baggy pair of skinny jeans, then a fitted jacket or vest will look better on the body. Same goes for this look I styled. An oversized men’s denim jacket looks the best paired with a tighter pair of jeans. A look that we all want to avoid is drowning in denim. 


To complete this look and be on trend with some of the music festival style, I paired the two denim pieces with a lace front blouse. I’ve seen many of these in stores and on social media, but I actually purchased this one vintage, which goes with the music festival vibes all the better. I like that it’s oversized and neutral. I chose a trusty pair of black leather booties and a coordinating wide brimmed black hat to complete the look.


Have fun giving denim on denim your own spin!
I hope these tips helped you get the style down 


XOXO- Emily 

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