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Curls, Waves, Beach, Spiral, Loose, Mousse, Gel, Natural just some of the terms used when referring to our idea of how to achieve perfectly curled hair. So let’s chat about the best products to get those gorgeous locks you’ve been coveting. 


First let’s talk tools. Classic curling iron, Wand, or is there something even better?

Curling Iron, I am loyal to Conair and Hot Tools when it comes to curling irons. The benefit to a curling iron is you get 2 in one. The disadvantage is when you want to use it as a wand you have to hold the clamp open the entire time, plus avoid the clamp portion, so it takes a little more skill. Conair has a short cord, so keep that in mind. Both curling irons have various heat settings to achieve the just right curl for whatever your occasion, I just love curling my hair, more often than not that is the look I go for!

Wands, to some they can be intimidating, but I think you will find they are easier than they appear. My favorite brand by far is Paul Mitchell’s Pro Tools Express Ion 3 in 1 wand. It has a higher price point but does come with 3 different wand sizes that are easy to clip on and take off. On the lower end of the price scale I am a big fan of Bed Heads wands. The benefit to a wand over a curling iron is that it really is the best way to achieve the effortless, natural, wave. 

Falling under the other category is the Curl Machines that I am seeing more of these days. BaByliss is by far my favorite in this category and really the only one that worked. For me I don’t think these machines have the capabilities the other 2 do. This one is also a pretty high price point. If you find one you love let me know, because as of now I am underwhelmed. 

The Products used for the perfect curls vary on your hair type. 

IMG_2688If you find that you tell people your hair doesn’t hold curl here are some things you need to know.

Dirty hair works better, if you can get away with not washing it everyday, avoid washing it the day you want to be curly fabulous.

If you do need to wash your hair every day, that’s ok, the key is to dirty up with product prior to curling. When your hair is wet it’s good to add a nickel size amount of mousse to your hair. Once it’s dry putting some dry shampoo at the roots yeps with both volume and curl holding.

Next choose your device, when it comes to stubborn hair, I like to suggest the wand.

The curls just manage to hold a little longer with a wand. Which ever tool you choose you always want to set your curls with a strong hold hair spray. My favorite flexible strong hold is made by Redken and it is their quick dry 18 hairspray. A product not specifically made for holding curl but works wonders is Kevin Murphy Texture Master. It is really meant for back combing and volume. It is a bit stickier in texture, but packs a serious curl holding punch. I am also  huge fan of TRESSeme Freeze Hold Hairspray. It is inexpensive but super effective! 

If your hair is already wavy, or just simply holds curl well, you’re lucky. The products you need are minimal and the more important part is finding a tool you love. All the products above work for you as well. If you over curl and want to tone it down, take some wave spray, Not Your Mothers Beach Spray is my favorite, and spray your hair lightly coating all sections, brush through, scrunch, and let it dry. Beyond that a curl cream or Gel can help tame frizz. Make sure to live by the less is more lifestyle, because you can always add more, but having to wash too much out is never fun. I am always on the hunt for new products and tools, and always spending more than I should in that search. I promise to keep the tips coming as I continue on my quest! 

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