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Heading into New Year I thought, “I sure do drink a lot of coffee, especially when I am on set.” Weather it’s good for me, bad for me, or just right, I truly don’t know. I decided to take a couple weeks off and see how I felt.

First some pros and cons from my basic research. It seems as though people agree across the board that coffee helps enhance physical and mental performance. In several studies there was an average improvement of 15%.

I know having a cup of coffee before my workouts, as long as I always drink water with it too, has helped my performance at the gym. Other potential pros listed below:

  • IMG_8312Coffee helps burn fat – Coffee helps break down fat cells and then the body can use those cells as fuel.
  • Coffee reduces risk of cancers – One study I read showed coffee decreasing the risk of prostate cancer by 20%, and endometrial cancer in women by 25%.
  • Coffee reduces the risk of a stroke – Drinking reasonable amounts of coffee a day (2-4cups) can aid in stroke prevention.
  • Coffee protects your body from free radicals – Coffee contains a lot of antioxidants. It’s a plant, and just like many other plants we eat, it aids in protecting our bodies from the harmful free radicals it comes in contact with every day.
  • Coffee may lower risk of type 2 diabetes – Caffeine reduces your insulin sensitivities and impairs glucose tolerance, therefore reducing risk of developing type 2 diabetes.
  • In general, coffee drinkers tend to be happier than non coffee drinkers, due to the fact that caffeine is known to brighten your mood.

Now a few of the cons:

  • Coffee is known to increase your risk of osteoporosis – This is when drinking a latte or milk coffee drink becomes beneficial. Coffee can cause the body to excrete calcium. According to the diet channel, about 5 milligrams of calcium is lost with every 6 ounces of coffee.
  • Coffee can cause wrinkles – This is a no brainer. If you aren’t drinking enough water to reverse the dehydrating effects of the coffee, your skin will become dehydrated therefore bringing out wrinkles. The best thing you can do for your skin is drink lots and lots of water.
  • Conventional coffee is laden with pesticides – This one I found a little disturbing. Apparently coffee plants are one of the most heavily sprayed plants. They’re coated with chemicals, pesticides, and herbicides nothing you would want to be ingesting. This means you are better off drinking organic coffee.
  • Increased cholesterol levels – Heavy consumption of coffee elevates blood total and LDL cholesterol levels.

What I found during my 2 weeks without caffeine:

I had withdrawals, I had really awful headaches and thought about it more than I’d like to admit during the first week. However, I drank more water and did feel overall more hydrated. I don’t feel the effects of caffeine much. I think I drink it out of routine, I like the flavor, and I want it to cure my sleepiness. In truth, though, it never really stops my yawning. During the 2 weeks I definitely saved money. As easy as it is to make coffee at home, being a new mom means running late, stopping at a coffee shop, and spending around $5 on my drink. At the end of my 2 weeks, I realized I need to drink a glass of water before my coffee, then after my coffee, and stick to just one cup. That is what works best for me. I do love the stuff and I was so ready to start drinking it again. I love having a cup before the gym, that is when I really feel the benefits of it.


DIY: Coffee – Beauty Recipes:

Can coffee scrubs get rid of cellulite? No, but this DIY coffee scrub can seriously reduce the appearance of it. Cellulites #1 topical enemy is caffeine, due to the fact that it tightens and provides antioxidants for the skin. This type of scrub works best if it is done daily, and massaged onto the skin. I like using a dry brush, it massages better than I can, which really gets my lymph and blood moving. 


– 1 cup of coffee grounds

– 6 tablespoons of coconut oil

– 3 tablespoon of sea salt or sugar in the raw

– Empty Jar

Once you have all your ingredients together, mix them in a bowl, make sure you melt the coconut oil prior to adding it to the sea salt and coffee. Once you have all the ingredients mixed thoroughly add them to your jar and place the jar in the shower. When you are ready to use it give your trouble areas a good massage using secular motions. Another fun note, if you want a brightening face scrub you can use the same ingredients from above minus the sea salt or sugar in the raw. 

Another coffee face mask I love below. 


– 4 tablespoons of bentonite clay (link to my favorite here   )

– 2 tablespoons of coffee grounds

– 2 to 5 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (can be substituted for water)

To make your coffee mud mask first mix the clay and coffee grounds in a small bowl. When they are thoroughly combined add 1 to 2 tablespoons of the apple cider vinegar. If your mixture seems to thick add more apple cider vinegar until it thins out. Once your mask is ready smear it over your face in circular motion, let it sit 5/10 minutes or until the mask has hardened, then rinse off and apply your daily moisturizer. 


The benefits of coffee do seem to out way any negatives for me. However, in the new year I will be using more externally rather than internally. My recipe for success in the new year is drinking 1 cup a day, cellulite scrub every day, mud mask once a week. 

Until Next Week,

Stay Beautiful and

Happy New Year


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