Bring on the New Year

Written by ouiidistrict

It’s that day again, the start of the new year! A little bit scary, but mostly exciting. Another year has flown by and we’re all thinking about the possibilities of 2016, but let’s be honest, on the first day of 2016 you’re going to want to remember the last night of 2015 and reminisce about how smoking you looked for NYE.

Whether you’re going all out glam or like to play it cool on New Years, here are mine and my my besties best takes on the two styles.  



Us girls like to stick to the three main staples of an awesome NYE outfit: glitter, gold, and sequins. It seems we all had the same mini dress mentality when it came to finding the perfect classic New Years look. I (left) am wearing a gold lamé midi skirt worn as a dress and belted. I paired it with tons of bangles and did a curly hairstyle for some seventies vibes. Courtney (middle) is wearing a bodycon sequin dress. She definitely has the elegant look down, but her pop of pink in her glittery hair adds an element of fun. If you can rock pink glitter roots for New Years, then 2016 is going to be amazing! Allie (right) is also wearing a bodycon dress with cute cut outs. Sexy? I think yes! The dress is also sequined, so although it is a neutral white, the sequins make it super festive.






What’s cooler than being cool? …nothing ! I absolutely love these looks. They are festive and definitely suit the more alternative fashionista. Courtney (Left below) is wearing a sequin embroidered gypsy inspired mini skirt with a long sleeve tight shirt. It’s a leap from the classic NYE mini dress and I adore it. I (Right below) am wearing a vintage nineties inspired look. My favorite color is pink, so what better shade to wear to ring in the new year. A mini skirt paired with a crop top and a pink fur jacket is a fun look that, although may not be your first choice for NYE, is probably in your closet right now! Allie (Center below) goes all out rocker chic for New Years. Just because you’re going to a party, doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice comfort, am I right? Allie opted for comfy knits and boots, but her leather jacket makes this look oh so chic.     

-Shades courtesy of Yours Truly-





Have a safe and happy New Year !

XOXO – Emily 

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