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Black Friday, a day I have both participated in and have bowed out of depending on the year and the deals. For some of us, it is a can’t-miss gift purchasing occasion. Whether or not the gift is for yourself or someone on your list is your own business (your secret is safe with me!).


Beauty Day 444First, let’s talk about the products that you need to make it through Black Friday looking flawless and well rested.

Whether you wake up at the crack of dawn or head out before your head even hits the pillow, let’s start with the most important products for your skin–skincare. When it comes to a daily routine, we all have one that works for us, but on Black Friday maybe you need a little more of a skincare punch to start your day. The best way to prep tired skin is to start by exfoliating. For exfoliating there are 2 products I swear by:
1. My Clarisonic, nothing compares and nothing leaves me feeling as fresh, clean, and soft complected.
2. My doTerra Reveal Facial System, it is a 2 part exfoliating system that warms up on the skin and leaves you feeling like a new woman. Seriously-this is a must have for your medicine cabinet. It is also gentle which is a huge plus for me.

Next lets moisturize. On a normal day, I throw on some Neutrogena and call it a day. However with all the free radicals Black Friday may bring, I am going to amp up my moisturizing routine.
1. The number one beauty rule in hydration – Dehydrated skin looks dull, so drink a big glass of water before hitting the streets. Make sure to also take a bottle with you- you’ll need it.
2. Next, a moisturizer with hyloronic or glycolic acid and vitamin C. My number one choice is Ole Henriksen Pure Perfection Creme. On the less expensive side, I am a huge fan of Kiss My Face Moisturizer.
3. Eye Cream, because no day should start without protecting your delicate eye area. My favorite eye cream no matter your age or skin type has not changed in a couple years. Some have come close, but none have succeeded to get me to switch over from my Verso Super Eye Serum. The airtight pump keeps it fresh and free from bacteria, it last forever, and it really makes a difference in my eye wrinkles.

After we moisturize, it’s time to prime the skin. For a facial primer that keeps your makeup fresh throughout the day, I turn to Make Up For Ever. They have several to choose from based off of your skin type, and you can’t go wrong no matter which one you choose. I go with their skin equalizer and pore minimizer.

Next, a step that must not be skipped in the world of everlasting makeup, is priming your eyelids prior to shadow application. I have 2 favorites and so really it boils down to your brand preference:
1. Urban Decay Shadow Primer Potion
2. Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

Beauty Day 017I am an “apply eyeshadow, then foundation” kind of girl. That way, if I make a little bit of a mess with my eyeshadow it doesn’t mess up my foundation. So my natural next step is to apply my shadow. For something quick and easy that wakes up the eyes but lasts all day I use: 
1.My Stila Soul Palette. The lighter colors with a bit of shimmer really brighten any eye color, and you can use any of the darker shades to smudge them along your lash line for an extra pop that allows you to skip the eye liner step.
2. However, if you are someone who can’t go without liner, I have to tell you about Tarte’s new to-die-for liner. Their Tartiest Clay Paint Liner is amazing, it’s long wear, easy to apply, and flake or crack free! It’s wonderful!!
3. Next is mascara. One that doesn’t irritate the eyes but stays put can be tricky to find. In any case, I have found the winner in Sephora Collection Full-Action Waterproof Extreme Effect Mascara.

Beauty Day 268Next, let’s get your beautiful face ready for the big shopping day. As many of you know, I am a huge Giorgio Armani foundation fan. However, as much as I love my Lasting Silk Foundation, on a day like black friday I turn to something a bit more affordable but just as fabulous:
1. Revlon Color Stay or combination/oily skin (they also have one for dry skin). This foundation truly lasts all day, it keeps my oil at bay and I don’t have to keep checking mirrors to make sure it hasn’t slipped right off my face.
2. For both bronzer and blush, I count on the lasting power of Nars. I use my Laguna Bronzer and Deep Throat Blush.
3. Next, I seal in my look with Make Up For Ever HD Powder. I prefer the loose but the pressed is just as wonderful.
On a normal day I would highlight with my Josie Maran and Laura Mercier highlighters, but I think the hustle and bustle of Black Friday will give me a natural glow, also known as sweat.

As a last step in my BFBR (Black Friday Beauty Routine), I pop on my Eos Lip Balm and toss it in my hand bag so I can reapply through the day. Oh, and don’t forget to brush your teeth!

Now that you’re ready to go out into the world, let’s talk about the must-purchase items for every makeup lover in your life!

Major makeup brands, and major makeup stores, don’t do huge deals for the holidays. Or at least it may appear that way at first glance. Although there may not be a buy one get free deal, or 50% off sign posted above your favorite brand, they do offer gift sets that end up being huge savings! I have scoured the shelves and websites of my favorite brands and am happy to share my favorites with you.

Beauty Day 167Lorac is a brand that used to be one of my favorites. Then, for a couple years, I was feeling like they were falling short. However, they have totally redeemed themselves with their new pro palettes. While shopping in Ulta, I came across their contouring and highlighting palette and was pleasantly surprised. The pigments were both great in color and texture. It was like feeling silk. I even made my boyfriend feel it! He didn’t get it, but trust me, if you are looking for a contouring palette, this is my new favorite! The same goes for their eye shadow and blush palettes. All of the colors are full of amazing pigment and they glide on with such ease. The Mega Pro Palette has 32 shades and is $59, making it $1.84 an eye shadow!!

Let’s talk about the Nars Steven Klein line. I am a firm believer you can not go wrong with Nars, it is always beautiful. However, not all of these gift sets bring great savings. The packaging is beautiful, but once you look past that, which ones are really worth purchasing? In my opinion, if you are going to spend the larger dollar amount, here is where you should spend it. Either on the Dead of Summer eye shadow palette, or their Magnificent Obsession lip trio featuring the perfect shade of red for the holidays. The dead of summer eye shadow palette features their dual-intesity eye shadow,  and I have shared my love for these with you before. In case you are new to our site, these shadows are a favorite of mine because they can be used wet or dry. While dry, they have a nice sheer everyday finish. When used wet, the color becomes deep and intense. They can be used as shadow or eyeliner, and to put it simply, it’s wonderful.

Beauty Day 214Tarte also came out with some fun palettes for the holidays, but I wasn’t a huge fan of the bulkiness of their packaging. For me, I think of how something is going to fit in my kit, and these just wouldn’t. However, their Dressed to the Nines LipSurgence Lip Creme gift set was a definite must-purchase on my holiday list. Whether you are keeping it for yourself, giving it to one person, or piecing out the 9 lip shades to multiple friends and family members, you can’t go wrong.

NYX has different sets depending on where you are shopping. Ulta carries a large selection, but be warned these fly off the shelf, so get there…now! I found myself purchasing a few lip sets, and one of their full look sets. The lip sets come in 3’s, giving you 3 colors in either matte lipstick, butter gloss, chubby lip pencils or butter lipstick. The full look set, my favorite being the unraveled look set, comes with an eye shadow palette featuring 6 versatile shades, jumbo eye pencil, matte lipstick, and a studio liquid liner. At the price point of $17.99 this is a great and affordable gift, I am hoping to find one of these in my stocking!!

To wrap up this article, I am going to list a few more of my favorite palettes without the long winded reason why I love them, because truly I could go on forever. If you have any questions about these sets, please feel free to ask!

Beauty Day 466

  • Stop into Target for some great sets from ELF and Sonia Kashuk. You can’t go wrong with Sonia’s festive and pretty brush sets. My favorite find from ELF was their Eyes and Face Palette.
  • My friends at have some great holiday palettes but my favorite has to be The Legacy Palette from Kevyn Aucoin, this palette is crazy beautiful and filled with the highest quality cosmetics. The next thing I would throw in my shopping cart would be the Eternally Yours Liquid Lipstick set of 6 from Stila. If you haven’t tried Stila’s liquid lipstick yet, you should, because your lips deserve a Christmas, Hanukkah, or Just because gift too! Also, you can shop now, and when you spend $95 you get $20 off using code THKSG20
  • Josie Maran’s Whimsical Wonder set is not only a great intro into her beautiful products, but at $34 a great deal!
  • currently offering 25% off when you spend $50 or more with the code HOLIDAY15. I recently purchased their For 25 Years Our Lips Have Been Sealed lip palette, featuring 25 beautiful lipstick shades. As well as their Art. Love. Color Palette (a Sephora exclusive) that is full of eye shadow, blush, and highlighters. It is my new kit staple.
  • Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector Glow on the Go set is the perfect combo of liquid and powder highlighters. Becca highlighters are some of my favorite and this little set is a great intro to this amazing product.

Skincare sets exist year round, so treat yourself to the fun makeup sets. Don’t forget to sign up for loyalty programs to get coupons and points for your purchasing. Happy Shopping!


Until Next Time,

Stay Beautiful


Photo-credits: Kendra Barber    |     Model: Devin Fuller

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