April Favorites

Written by ouiidistrict

Through out the course of one month, so much music can happen. I can begin the month loving one song and by the end, I am skipping it whenever it pops up on shuffle. I have newly discovered the magic of the “Recently Played” playlist on my phone. This keeps track of the songs that you have been listening to over a set period of time. I love playing this list towards the end of the month because I can see all that I have found over what seems like a short period of time. I am downloading new music daily, so songs can get lost in the mix and this helps me rediscover my own library.

It also acts a bit like a memory album or diary because I can think back to the time that I first heard a song – whether I was in my car and a friend showed it to me or I stumbled upon it on 8tracks while I was working on a project. When I love a song its more of an unhealthy obsession as opposed to an innocent crush. I will listen to it every single time I am in the car (maybe even two or three times in a row), post it on my sister’s Facebook wall, show it to any person that will let me, and will search for obscure remixes of it on YouTube. By the end of the week I know all the lyrics but I am utterly sick of the song so I refuse to listen to it again. Then it comes on my Recently Played shuffle and I fall madly in love again. This viscous cycle is never ending, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

This is a list of those kind of tracks for the month of April. 

Wilderness – Nick Jonas

Need Your Love – Sol

King Kunta – Kendrick Lamar

Hood Go Crazy – Tech N9ne

Keep Da O’s – Tyler, The Creator

Sun Models (Elkoe Remix) – ODESZA

Cool (Autograf) – Alesso ft. Roy English

Stranger  (Kayliox Remix) – Skrillex 

Some of these songs were a part of new album releases in April and others have been in my iTunes for awhile and I relapsed into them all over again. New or old, this playlist is the epitome of my April this year. If you had to summarize your month into a playlist what would it be…


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