A Guide to Black Friday Shopping

Written by ouiidistrict

Let’s be real. Black Friday can be one of the most nerve racking and hectic days of the holiday season, right along with crazy family dinners!

It’s hard to decide where to go, what to buy, what to wear, and how much coffee to drink (waking up early is the worst right?). Because of all of the craziness surround Black Friday, I try to make the day as easy going as possible! And here’s how you can too.


1. It’s coffee o’clock: Treat yourself to some delicious coffee or tea in the morning before you go out shopping. I prefer drinking chai lattes. They taste like the holidays and have enough caffeine to keep you energized for a day of shopping. 

2. Be cute, yet comfortable: Odds are that you will most likely see a few people you know while out shopping! That being said, stepping out in your fuzzy robe and sweatpants probably isn’t the best idea. I recommend wearing a comfy pair of jeans and a warm sweater or sweatshirt. To amp up the cool factor, throw on a classic jacket. Here, I am wearing my favorite leather jacket, but a camel coat or even a bomber jacket would look great! The best tip I have for a Black Friday outfit is definitely to wear sneakers! Sneakers are the best and you’re feet won’t be killing you all day. Lastly, throw on a hat to stay extra warm, and in my case to cover up my dirty bedhead!


Wearing: Beanie-Handmade | Jacket-Forever21 | Jeans-H&M | Sneakers-Nike | Bag-Ruti Horn |          Sweatshirt-Russel 

3. Know what to buy: Knowing what you want to purchase will save you time and money, but coming up with original gift ideas can be a challenge! Luckily for you I have a few ideas that I have used in the past and have been great gifts.

  • Custom photo-books are great to capture your favorite moments spent with a loved one and are very personal.
  • Hand knit or crochet goodies are great ideas for just about everyone! Spouses love to get hand made blanket and anyone loves a cute beanie or scarf for winter.
  • Jewelry is a go-to for me. A simple custom necklace or ring is something that everyone, especially your mom, would appreciate. 
  • Groupon getaways are a bit more pricey, but if the person you’re giving a gift to already has everything under the sun, then maybe what they need is an experience instead. 

4. Shop Local: Not only will shopping at local boutiques and stores get you away from the huge department store crowds, but I’ve found that small stores often have the most high quality and personal items. And, supporting you local economy is never a bad way to go!


Happy Holidays & Happy Shopping 

XOXO- Emily 




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